What makes our staff great?

My recruiting approach is simple, I invite professionals to join my team who are experienced, have a keen sense of intuition, autonomy and common sense. They understand that true customer service is about building relationships through a passionate focus on personal touches, compassion and clear & concise communication.  Our ability to successfully provide competent and friendly staff is a direct result of our recruiting strategies, management approach and our understanding of your on-site needs.

I have developed a great team, made up of meeting and event independent contractors, social media guru’s, writers, freelancers, sourcing agents, travel directors, long time experienced convention staff and hospitality and event management students from Universities and Colleges.   My team is 100% dedicated to our industry.

A word about pricing:  The vast majority of convention temp staffing agencies cut costs by underpaying their staff.  In our experience, this approach costs more in the long run and threatens to ruin the overall quality of an event.  Incompetence, laziness and apathy will drive away your attendees, lengthen wait times and wreak havoc on your meeting, when you are trying to execute a plan with many moving parts.  The quality of our staff makes all the difference in the world to your attendee experience.  We may even be part of the reason your attendee returns to your next conference.

Drop us a line and eliminate the headache of “just ok” temp staff.

CONTACT:   617-304-5222  cindy@meetingsnevent.com or complete the form below.